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About Hilltop Pilates

Making Fitness Fun

As a professional Pilates Instructor, my passion is to help people improve their movement.  Based between Perth and Crieff in Scotland I offer dedicated, specialised Pilates tuition in Perthshire and Online.  I am a 3rd Generation Pilates Instructor, fully qualified and insured to teach all levels of Pilates on the Mat and Apparatus.  I like to keep my sessions light hearted and enjoyable but still give you a good workout!

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Pilates Stretches

Mat Pilates - Group Classes

A Healthier You

Group classes are a fun, affordable and sociable way to practice Pilates.  I run, beginner, intermediate, advanced and mixed ability classes.  Please get in in touch for more information.

1:1 Sessions

Bespoke Program tailored to you

1:1 Sessions are fantastic for really focusing on your specific needs.  Whether you want to improve athletic performance, aid recovery from injury or surgery or just want a more bespoke, tailored, Pilates experience 1:1 Sessions on the Mat or Pilates Apparatus are a great choice.


Time for you

I am working on some very exciting half-day and full-day workshops.  They will be held at some wonderful locations in beautiful Scotland - I will update you all as soon as I can! - Stay tuned...

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Client Testimonials

Here's what my clients think...

Katy, I cannot thank you enough for the benefits I have derived since commencing your Pilates classes, having never attended an exercise class in my life.

I was suffering from very painful hips and cannot believe the vast improvement now to being virtually pain free.  I am once again able to enjoy longer walks with family, gardening etc and feel altogether far more supple, stronger and much more agile.  Most importantly, I no longer feel an OAP!!

I intend to make your Pilates part of my long-term fitness regime and thank you for the patience and personal understanding you extend to myself and to all the individual needs of those in your class.

Rosemary A

I started Pilates with Katy as a beginner, just over a year ago now. The difference I feel in my body is amazing and I leave each session feeling like a new person again. As a working mum of two young children, daily life can quickly feel all consuming. My hour a week with Katy restores my inner calm, resets my body (and mind) and I genuinely feel better for it. Katy is so approachable, adaptive and knowledgable. Throughout each class, and at every exercise, she gives options for all abilities and situations, providing an inclusive class environment for all levels. Her personality shines throughout and I would not hesitate to recommend Katy to anyone.

Rachel S

"I have had the pleasure of attending Hilltop Pilates sessions since last year. I don't usually do classes, but I can highly recommend Katy's!  Before I started I did lots of outdoor exercise but often felt stiff and have had an aching back for more than 10 years. Since starting these Pilates classes I feel my posture has improved, I feel much more supple, have NO back pain and feel a sense of wellbeing!! The group is small, and Katy has a lovely manner. She demonstrates all the moves, comes around and gently corrects our positions as necessary and subtly adapts the exercises to our differing medical backgrounds. The exercises are very varied and she talks us through them in a mindful way. I feel much more connected to the different bits of my body now. Every week she plans a completely different routine to concentrate on different elements of pilates. We have used bands, weights and chairs so it never feels boring or repetitive. Katy often brings the moves alive by likening them to different scenarios and this makes it fun! The group has incorporated men and women of all ages. And there has always been a great feeling of togetherness in the group.  Gentle background music and lovely Neal's Yard aromatherapy makes it a wonderful escape from the busy life. Needless to say I look forward ALL week to my class.

Miranda T

Katy's Pilates Classes fly by.  Her classes are always carefully structured and she easily adapts to challenge the various levels of ability within her class.  Her classes are varied and enjoyable and her presentation is excellent.  Great fun and truly beneficial exercise.

Jan C

Katy is an amazing Pilates teacher!  I always enjoy her class and would recommend it to anyone who wants to feel healthier and happier in their own body.  I always feel much better after every class and know it was worth the effort!

Hanna M

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